4 Must-See Sessions,  AHIP CX & DHF


AHIP’s Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum is just around the corner. It’s where leaders in healthcare innovation gather to share next-generation tools and strategies to unlock the potential of the latest and greatest technology. With many sessions available, it can be hard to know what’s a must-see. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 4 sessions you shouldn’t miss at AHIP.

December 10

1:55-2:40, Zurich B, 1st Floor

The Advent of Omnichannel Engagement in Health Care

Online retail experiences have led consumers to expect immediate personalized service and support, instant answers, and transparency—all seamlessly accessible on their preferred digital pathways, whether web, phone, text, email, mobile, via instant message or a digital assistant like Alexa or Google. In this session, attendees will learn how this evolution to consumer-driven engagement is being integrated into health plans’ interactions with their constituents in the form of omnichannel engagement platforms: seamless, uninterrupted communication from one digital touchpoint to the next. The speakers will discuss the impact of this trend, including the implementation of an omnichannel engagement platform, its potential service and cost-benefits, along with strategies for its successful rollout including the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing.

This session will feature two speakers:

  • Michael Gordon, Chief Strategy Officer, Healthx

  • Jason Thomas, Director, Corporate Facilities and Special Projects,Trusted Health Plan


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4:10-4:55, St. Gallen, 2nd Floor

Driving Member Experience Through Empowerment, Collaboration and Data Science

By centering the member at the core of all new innovations, payers put consumers in charge of their health journey through strategic and innovative partnerships. Hear from payers who arm members with personalized information at the right time and with the right tool, empowering them to make day-to-day decisions about their health outside of traditional care settings.

This session will feature two speakers:

  • Gregg R. Laiben, Medical Director, Executive Services, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City

  • Michael Sturmer, Senior Vice President, Health Services Segment, Livongo.

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December 11

3:15-4:00, Zurich B, 1st Floor

Customer Connections: Empower. Personalize. Respect.

For America’s consumers, health care has become an amalgam of medical, financial and lifestyle transactions where they have to search for value and grapple with mind-numbing personal decisions. Health care consumers are confused and frustrated with health care’s jumble. They want simplicity: be there when I need you, communicate with me honestly, show empathy, and do the right thing for my health care. Winning health care brands empower their customers and foster relationships of trust. They connect with every customer wherever they are in their health care journey. And they’re creating experiences that interact on their terms, at the most appropriate touchpoint, with actionable content and through communication channels they prefer. Consumer centric health care organizations that demonstrate a respect for their customers’ individual needs will see deeper brand preference, greater engagement and improved loyalty. Join us to learn how health insurance providers are navigating the challenges and opportunities around health consumerism.

This session will feature two speakers:

  • Lindsay Resnick, Executive Vice President, Wunderman Health

  • Jerry Slowey, Vice President Communications, Consumer and Markets, Alignment Healthcare

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4:10-4:55, Zurich A, 1st Floor

Revolutionizing Consumer Experience With a Single Platform Built for Health Insurance

The threat of consumer disintermediation is a constant reality. In response, many payer executives are making digital transformation a top priority. How should health plans improve the member experience by leveraging digital tools? In this session, one health plan will discuss how payers can tackle digital experience and multi-channel engagement by leveraging technology to drive self-service, reduce costs and improve the overall member experience.

This session will feature two speakers:

  • Jonathan Kromm, Chief Marketing Officer, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield

  • Mark Nathan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Zipari, Inc.

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These sessions have a common goal: to bring the next generation of healthcare to life. AHIP is an event that allows them to foster this goal. However, achieving this goal is challenging.

Here at Medullan, we understand that — so we strive to simplify the process through our customized digital solutions for payers, providers, biotech and pharmaceuticals.


To learn more about Medullan, schedule an introduction at AHIP with Stephanie Bach, Director UX here.

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