4 Must-See Sessions at eyeforpharma, Philadelphia


The 17th Annual eyeforpharma Philadelphia Conference is about to kick off. It’s where leaders in healthcare innovation gather to share next-generation tools and strategies to unlock the potential of the latest and greatest technology. With many sessions available, it can be hard to know what’s a must-see. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 4 sessions you shouldn’t miss.

April 16

11:55AM – 12:15PM, Blue Room: Partner Your Way to a New Solution

Michelle Carnahan, North America Head of Primary Care Business Unit – Sanofi

This session will discuss how to combine digital, digital therapeutic, and devices and service to a single unit, to enable the ultimate customer experience. This will help the audience determine their partnership approach and identify the organizations that will take their organizations to the next level.

The growing field of Digital Medicine and specifically Digital Therapeutics, or the use of digital health technologies to support behavior change that positively impacts health outcomes, is poised to take off. Read More.


2:35 – 2:55 PM, Red Room, Execution in the Age of Transformation

Susan Garfield, Commercial Strategy Lead – EY Life Sciences

Dan Rizzo, Commercial Operations Advisory -EY Life Sciences

This session offers specific insights into how to best execute commercial transformations and new go to market initiatives. Rizzo and Garfield will analyze examples of how leaders are overcoming traditional challenges and getting ahead of new ones to better position themselves as leaders in the commercial market. The audience will have the opportunity to garner insights into how successful players are leveraging new models to collaborate along with embracing the expanded customer set, understanding their roles as influencers, and establishing a deeper understanding of customer needs through data, technology, and innovative engagement models.

The one constant is the unstoppable shift to consumer-centric healthcare service models that is forcing healthcare innovators to rethink how they engage their constituencies to better meet rising expectations and market forces. Read more.

April 17

9:40 – 10:00 AM, Blue Room: Accelerating Pharma’s Digital Transformation Imperative

Thought leader from Cognizant

Explore the patient views on data science and how digital is transforming Life sciences. Learn about practical business use cases for emerging tech like Conversational AI, blockchain, RPA etc. Discuss new organizational construct needed for Pharma to DO & BE digital.

When strategically implemented, voice recognition technology in healthcare offers an accessible and engaging healthcare experience. Therefore, healthcare leaders must consider voice-based apps. Read More.


3:45 – 4:05 PM, Blue Room: FiresideChat – Commercial Excellence, Customer Experience and the Future of Pharma

Patricia Brown, Agile Transformational Leader – Merck

Mark Bard, Co-founder – Digital Health Coalition

This session discusses the current state of consumer experience, commercial operations, and future opportunities for consumer engagement. Hear how pharma is making investments in innovation, partnerships, and integrating models of success back into the core business – and ultimately the brands.

Half the battle is committing to Pharma CX and having the wherewithal to learn, iterate, and grow. Is Pharma serious about customer experience? Read More.

In Summary

These sessions have a common goal to bring the next generation of healthcare to life. At Medullan, we understand that — so we strive to simplify the process through our customized digital solutions for payers, providers, biotech and pharmaceuticals.

If you are attending eyeforpharma in Philadelphia, and would like to learn more about Medullan, schedule an introduction with our Business Development Manager, Mindy Tsai.



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