A Connected Solution for Better Chemo Care Management

A Patient Support Hub

Using 21st Technology To Detect Early Signs of Febrile Neutropenia (FN) In Chemotherapy Patients.

Of the 60K cancer patients hospitalized each year for FN, 7% die. Improving patients’ outcomes by combining a remote patient monitoring solution with digitally connected services to administer early treatment. Ultimately, offering a unique value-based differentiator for a competitive biosimilar marketplace. 


The Client

A Top 20 Global Pharmaceutical

Clinical Focus

Cancer Care

Intended Use


The Result

An MVP solution with defined experience pathways, real-world validation and a business model.


The Client launched a cancer care biosimilar into a highly competitive marketplace and wanted to use digital health opportunities to offer real differentiation on patient and clinician value.


  • Market sensing: Unmet needs and opportunities
  • Experience strategy: Clinical journey mapping and ideation
  • Concepting: Solution hypothesis and service concept
  • Validation: Research with medical directors, payers, etc. 
  • Planning: Business case modeling, GTM strategy, pilot partner identification


The resulting solution was an MVP- Digital eHealth ecosystem, connecting chemo patients with a coordinated care team to reduce hospitalization length of stay and related outcomes, improving patient QoL. The MVP included a solution diagram, solution video, outlined experience pathways, and takeaways from customer interviews.

By The Numbers

Initial Solution Concepts


Hospitalizations for FN annually


Average cost for FN hospitialization


Target Users

Patients given pegfilgrastim for FN


Targeted: iOS, Android, connected devices, VARA


United States, EU


I spend a lot of time trying to figure out where my body is at, physically, mentally, physiology…this is taken care of, it’s monitored… That would really be beneficial.

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