Digital Health for Congestive Heart Failure

A Digital Study

Real-world evidence and comparability testing of existing technologies

A randomized clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of three different digital health solutions. All aimed at helping patients with congestive heart failure manage their symptoms, medications, and providers to better coordinate care continuity.


The Client

A Top 20 Global Pharmaceutical

Clinical Focus


Intended Use


The Result

Better care, treatment adherence, and health outcomes in CHF through clinical-grade validation.


Our client wanted to know which digital health solutions for Heart Failure could extend value to patients and providers by impacting patient education, treatment compliance, and health outcomes. They also wanted to evaluate technologies for potential use in drug-device combination products.


  • Market landscape research to identify therapeutic-specific solutions and evaluate their maturity.
  • Selection of partners for the acceleration of clinical evidence.
  • Stand up a platform to support Real World Data (RWD) collection. 
  • Analysis of study data, including patient engagement and outcomes data.


Launched a digital platform for study management and RWD collection to measure the efficacy and impact of multiple health solutions. The best performing solution(s) to be included a patient support program delivered in tandem with a drug.

By The Numbers

Digital Health Solutions Evaluated


Technology & Institutional Partners


Patients In RCT


Target Users

Patients and Clinicians


VARA Ecosystem integration with Noom, Bodyport, and Conversa.  Custom Behavior and Health/Outcomes Reporting


United States


Clinical- grade digital health solutions rely on data to validate their solutions. Your platform gave us the possibility to manage and measure the efficacy of multiple digital health solutions in one place.

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