Improving Member Experience

A Member Engagement Platform

Increasing Engagement Through Seamless, Omnichannel Outreach

Using multi-channel campaigns to improve education and awareness of existing benefits, increasing the adoption and engagement of digital offerings.

The Client

A Small Multi-line Insurance Organization

Functional Area

Business Innovation

Intended Use


The Result

Increased awareness of existing benefits by 50%, with 16% increased engagement in digital offerings.


The client experienced low satisfaction scores resulting from members’ frustrations with their portal’s inconsistent digital experience. They wanted to maximize the opportunity to engage and better interact with members in their digital space. 


  • Medullan designed and developed new public-facing websites for members, brokers, and employers in three international markets.
  • SSO and Medullan’s VARA platform were implemented to bridge all first and third-party sites.
  • The teams used learnings from historical utilization and engagement analytics to design small, targeted engagement campaigns for members using email and SMS channels.


A series of personalized, automated omnichannel outreach campaigns with reporting and analytics on target segments designed: 

  • to educate and activate the inactive members on new portal features and service offerings
  • increase engagement with digital offerings by active members 
  • cross-sell benefits to appropriately segmented members

By The Numbers

Registered Members


Members Activated Accounts


Tool Awareness Created


Target Users

Registered Members




The Americas


Insights from VARA’s reporting help us to evolve and optimize our digital ecosystem to meet member and business needs better. In addition to the actual digital solution, the team’s expert guidance and professionalism have greatly aided us in our member engagement journey.

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