Mental Health Patient Support System

A Virtual Care Platform

Transforming emotional and well-being support for Mental Health.

Creating a hub to support mental health patients in their journey by migrating to digital channels for access to counseling, self-help tools and work-life services.

The Client

Top 3 Silicon Valley Acute Care Hospital

Clinical Focus

Mental Health

Intended Use


The Result

An application with unique assessments to evaluate need, condition, risk, profile and other parameters to recommend content and therapists on-demand.


Silicon Valley-based technology companies expect their employees to have access to digital tools and personalized mental health offerings. Lack of digital and personalization leads to crises and comorbidity acute episodes due to unresolved mental health and well-being.


  • MVP 1: Create a digital front door, use technology to enhance high touch services and expand outreach
  • MVP 2: Personalize connectivity and measurement
  • Launch digital emotional well-being hub 


A single platform experience that unifies multiple web solutions into one place for patients and families to find what they need, when they need it.  In-depth analytics and reporting on entire user journeys help optimize personalization rules over time.

By The Numbers

Growth In User Engagement


Increase In Conversion Rate


Increase In Service Utilization


Target Users

Employers and Employees of Global Technology Companies


Mobile-responsive web applications, Telehealth integration, and assessments, engagement, and measurement powered by VARA


United States


This project is a powerful expression of our commitment to deliver employee wellbeing services—mental, emotional, financial, and social—in a way that’s both accessible and appealing.

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