Value-Based Care Medication Management Patient Support Hub

A Medication Adherence Companion App

Applying a behavioral framework to cardiovascular disease management.

Developing the prototype and vision for a modular next generation patient support program based on proven behavior-change techniques to accompany a drug.


The Client

A Top 20 Global Pharmaceutical

Clinical Focus

Cardiovascular, Rare Cardiovascular Disease

Intended Use


The Result

A fleshed-out prototype and vision along with a strategy and roadmap for deployment across markets


Research showed that adherence to an injectable medication for a rare genetically cardiovascular condition was subpar. However, adherence and persistence correlated to better cardiovascular outcomes, which in turn were a measure in novel value-based arrangements.


Primary research illuminated that non-adherence was correlated to patients’ attitudes, beliefs, and access challenges. Medullan conducted 5 rounds of research and co-created solution concepts to test and validate with patients, HCPs, and pharmacists.


Medullan developed a fully fleshed-out prototype and vision for a next-generation patient support program to accompany the drug. The solution was conceived as a modular program to be modified by each country’s affiliate marketing team, with components such as home delivery deployed per market.

By The Numbers

Ethnographies Performed


Co-creation Workshops


Markets For Acculturation


Target Users

Patients, GPs, Cardiologists and Pharmacists


Custom Drupal


Germany. Spain, Nordics


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