Pioneering Personalized Wellness

A Wellness Platform

Connecting Activity And Wellness Data Into A Health Motivation Platform

The first wellness platform to share information from wearable devices with digital health applications to offer team challenges with rewards and support.

The Client

Leading US Insurer

Clinical Focus

Health and Wellness

Intended Use


The Result

An application deployed to over 3 million self-insured customers throughout the US.


The client sought to improve consumer value by shifting focus on the consumer brand and increasing consumer engagement through wellness. They wanted a simple-to-use integration hub for an ever-growing number of wellness devices and wearables, offering data and measurements, with automated coaching to increase value through ‘Challenges’ and ‘Healthy Journeys’.


Medullan used Lean Iterative Testing & Exploration (LITE), Rapid Prototyping, and Agile Software Development methodologies. We managed the development, development operations, and the hosting of the application. Architected and deployed the data integration platform that allowed 3rd party API providers with health and wellness digital solutions to connect and share data.


A wellness platform that aggregates information from multiple devices, wearables, and mHealth applications creates a complete picture of an individual’s health. The customizable analytics dashboard of varied health categories, including sleep, diet, medical adherence, mood, and activity, allow users to derive valuable insights from their data. Includes a health goal framework that allows Employers to facilitate corporate wellness and incentive programs while members can track their own health objectives.

By The Numbers

Integrations (Wearables & Apps)


Unique Visitors Per Day


Large Employer Pilots (US)


Target Users

Self Insured Customers & Employers


Java Spring Framework, Spring Security OAuth, Hibernate, Postgresql, Phone Gap, Mashery, Runscope, DataStage


United States


Medullan helped refine the vision of our product, which has been immensely important to me.

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