Shared Decision-Making for Psoriasis Treatment Planning

A Decision Support Tool

Achieving on average a 44% reduction in patient-physician consultation time with a 38% increase in patient satisfaction.

An interactive tool that brings to bear real-time analytics and visualization to create a consistent, patient-centric, shared decision making opportunity for physicians and their patients using evidence-based quality of life goals and measures


The Client

A Top 20 Global Pharmaceutical

Clinical Focus


Intended Use

Point-of-care shared decision tool. Pre-SaMD designation

The Result

Exam-room friendly digital tool that fosters physician-patient interactions to support shared decision making in treatment and disease management. 


There is a lack of repeatable protocols and tools to assist HCPs who need to counsel their patients on the best options for managing their disease while maximizing their quality of life (QoL). As a result, consults are widely inconsistent based on the individual approach of each HCP.  It often excludes the patient from the decision and makes it difficult for them to communicate their priorities.


  • Proprietary Data Set
  • Patient & HCP Inputs
  • Real-time Visualization
  • Qualitative Follow Up


Through the development of a proprietary data set across multiple QoL dimensions, a solution was designed with an easy to use, touch– and click- friendly interface.  The solution brings confidence and consistency to the consult with immediate visualized results based on real-time inputs from the patient and HCP.

By The Numbers

Reduction In Consultation Time


Increase In Patient Satisfaction


QoL Impairments Implemented


Target Users

 HCPs and Patients


Touch-friendly application built on Html 5, CSS3, BackboneJS with online-offline support


United States


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