Decentralized & Hybrid Trials


COVID-19 has made clinical research more than just a vehicle for insights and evidence.  How will technology drive more patient-centricity?

Big Idea

Broader access, higher engagement, and more accurate data.  Maintain safety, veracity, and feasibility in an ever-evolving environment.


Digital enablement for decentralized virtual or hybrid trials:

  • Research and evidence strategy for Digital enablement
  • Patient engagement and QoL measurement (IoT, ePRO)
  • Harmonization with ARO, CRO and site capabilities (EDC, EHR)
  • Novel endpoint definition, technology selection, and data collection


Take a leap forward in clinical research with Digital:

  • Broaden access to clinical research participants
  • Keep patients safe and connected to their care providers
  • Understand the impact of adding Digital solutions to care pathways
  • Generate insights predictive of trial results while reducing cost