Digital Therapeutics & SaMDs


“There’s an app for that” is not comforting.  The rise of regulated and evidence-based Digital Medicine is a welcome development.  What does it take to succeed?

Big Idea

Digital Therapeutics developed will augment every aspect of practicing medicine in the coming decade.


Evidence-based solutions and SaMDs that offer:

  • Digitization of validated clinical assessments and tools
  • AI and Machine Learning tools that augment diagnosis
  • Digital therapeutics that deliver evidence-based interventions
  • Intended Uses that meet global regulatory requirements


Raise the bar in Digital Health to attain:

  • Enhanced combination products (Digital + Traditional)
  • Earlier diagnosis and lower levels of misdiagnosis
  • Real-world, verifiable data for Clinical and R&D efforts
  • Reimbursement for long-term viability and growth