Next-Gen Support Hubs


Support hubs have long promised an opportunity to create a relationship with patients and HCPs.  With poor engagement, high costs, is personalized support feasible?

Big Idea

Take control of the patient experience across in-sourced, out-sourced, or specialty pharmacy services with a single digital platform experience.


Moving to next-generation support hubs empowers:

  • Self-service through automation and guided experiences
  • Multiple websites, apps, and wearable on one platform
  • Integration with existing enterprise systems, e.g. CRM, PHR
  • Connectivity and portability of patient data with providers


Next-gen hubs can be strategic vehicles for:

  • Meaningful real-world data across patient journeys
  • Docking in third party self-management apps and devices
  • Improved fill rates, adherence, and time on therapy
  • Differentiation in value-based care collaborations