Medullan and Harvard Health Publications Bring Medical Expertise to Consumers



BOSTON, May 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Medullan, a digital health firm that designs and builds powerful solutions that achieve high rates of adoption for payers, providers, life sciences, and pharma, announced a collaboration with Harvard Health Publications (HHP), a division of Harvard Medical School. This relationship will provide consumers access to Harvard’s consumer health information via the digital tools and mobile applications Medullan envisions, designs, and builds for its clients.

Gregory Curfman, MD, Editor-In-Chief of Harvard Health Publications, said, “Our content reflects the expertise and insights of the Harvard medical faculty in thousands of health conditions. By collaborating with digital health experts like Medullan, we can deliver information to consumers, patients, and caregivers at the optimal place and time to help them make the best possible decisions about their health.”

“Healthcare is complicated and every part of the industry requires a certain level of knowledge and understanding,” said Medullan founder and CEO Ahmed Albaiti. “Our collaboration with Harvard Health Publications has helped us to acknowledge and address various levels of health literacy and ensure that users of our digital health solutions receive clinically validated expertise from the Harvard medical community. Users of our platform will now have the knowledge and ability to better address their health concerns.”

About Medullan
Medullan, Inc. is a leading digital health firm that designs and builds outcomes-driven solutions that have direct and measurable impact in the healthcare industry. Fueled by a passion for health, a desire to positively challenge the healthcare paradigm, and a culture of accountability – Medullan works with payer, life sciences, and pharmaceutical clients to build solutions that create measurable business value and positive impact in the lives of their customers. Medullan was founded in 2005 and is based in Cambridge, MA.

About Harvard Health Publications
Harvard Health Publications draws on the expertise of over 11,000 faculty clinicians and researchers at Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals to deliver current, comprehensive and authoritative health information to consumers through relationships with payers, providers and employers.

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