Medullan Selected to Participate in Amazon Alexa Cup Challenge


Medullan is pleased to announce that we have been selected to participate in the Alexa Cup Challenge. The challenge is a global contest driving innovation in voice. Amazon Alexa has hand-picked agencies and consulting firms who work with voice apps to develop ground-breaking skills that align with the strategy and fulfill high impact needs of clients in their current roster. For the Alexa Cup, Medullan is working with LifeCuff Technologies, a medical device company that is developing a novel therapeutic approach to treating diabetic foot ulcers. The skill Medullan has created is called Therapy Pal, and it supports LifeCuff’s home-based medical device, HomeCuff.

Therapy Pal will help patients who have diabetic foot ulcers use their home therapy every other day. Since the LifeCuff therapy takes about 40 minutes to complete, Alexa can assist patients to stick with their treatment regimen, pass the time with relaxing music, and record issues that come up during their therapy sessions for their physician to follow-up with.

According to LifeCuff Technologies CEO Tom Moore, “compliance is the biggest issue in treating diabetic foot ulcer patients. With a supportive voice skill and electronic usage monitoring, we can encourage compliance with our three-time a week therapy. Patients will experience better healing and avoid the catastrophe of amputation.”

The basic elements of Therapy Pal can be applied to a host of home-based treatments. Medullan CEO, Ahmed Albaiti says, “whether we are transforming diabetes, wound care, home care, physical therapy, or speech therapy – there is a seismic shift in healthcare, where patients are being tasked with managing and owning their care at home. Therapy Pal will help people stay consistent and focus on their self-care and home therapy tasks. The Alexa Cup Challenge is giving us another forum to push the envelope on the patient engagement and experience.”

The Medullan team will be competing on June 4th along with other Alexa Cup Teams in the first round of the Challenge. The Alexa Cup event is focused around a series of hackathons where selected teams strategize, plan, design, build a proof-of-concept skill, and plan a go-to-market campaign.

About LifeCuff Technologies

LifeCuff was founded in 2010 to develop and commercialize technology to automate the delivery of Remote Ischemic Conditioning. The mission of LifeCuff is to achieve positive outcomes for ischemic disorders through safe, easy and reliable delivery of Remote Ischemic Conditioning (RIC).  The company is currently planning clinical research and pivotal trials for treatment on a few high impact indications including diabetic foot ulcers.

About Medullan

Medullan, Inc. is a leading digital health firm that designs and builds outcomes-driven solutions that have a direct and measurable impact in the healthcare industry. Fueled by a passion for health, a desire to positively challenge the healthcare paradigm, and a culture of accountability, Medullan works with payers, patient services companies, and life sciences companies to build solutions that create measurable business value and positive impact in the lives of their customers. Medullan was founded in 2005 and is based in Somerville, MA.

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