Member engagement starts at home.


Aligning Your Digital Campaigns with Member Metrics

When we think of member experience in healthcare, we often focus on the digital and non-digital channels being used to engage, motivate and drive members to take actions that are both good for them, and good for business.  How often are we reaching out, when, and through which channels? Engagement should be both omni-channel and personalized in order to be effective.

Rewind. Before we can consider “engaging members,” we have to ask ourselves: is our (insert the name of the organization, company, engagement team here) ready? What does “ready” mean for us? How will we know how to get started? To determine your organization’s readiness, you can see where you fall on the Internal Engagement Maturity Model below.  

When you say “member engagement” what is the most likely response within your organization?

Internal Engagement Maturity Model

So what’s next? 

Now that you have an idea where your organization stands, meet the Healthcare Engagement Playbook. What is a playbook? It is a set of key “plays” or tactics and strategies that are best practices in member engagement, both in crafting the right experience and ensuring your organization is ready to deploy that experience, or engagement strategy. These 8 steps will help you to align your team and get started on your engagement plan. 




This content was first discussed in our webinar, Closing the Gaps in Member Experience.

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