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In an uncertain healthcare climate, the one constant is the shift to consumer-centric healthcare services which is essential for maintaining brand value. This has left many companies wondering how to engage patients in their healthcare. Adopting the “Engagement Hub” model, utilized in other consumer-centric industries such as Uber and Netflix, can provide patients the same kind of personalized experiences consumers have come to expect. This will ultimately increase engagement, access, transparency, and affordability. Without the ability to personalize and integrate consumer experience, healthcare organizations will be overrun by the need for innovation, consumer expectations, and market pressures.

Why Engagement Hubs ?

The “Healthcare Consumer Engagement Hub” model has not yet seen wide adoption amongst payers and providers – despite the fact that these industry segments are troubled by siloed data, disconnected systems, and fragmented customer experiences.

Meanwhile, the average healthcare consumer is becoming more technically savvy, educated, motivated, and willing to act on their own behalf.

With this combination, the proliferation of digital healthcare solutions is imminent. In fact, new tech players from outside the healthcare industry are entering the market with promises of efficiency and consumer satisfaction.

Complications Ensue

In the race to keep consumers engaged and survive the digital health era, payers and providers continue to invest in digital health, adding to their offerings and experiences with more technology solutions. Yet they cannot:

  • Handle the avalanche of solutions and maintain a wholesome relationship with the consumer. Gartner’s prediction that silos of customer engagement would be one of the top causes of customer dissatisfaction for enterprises across all industries by 2020.

  • Avoid fragmentation and patchwork technologies that impede discoverability, continuity, and portability of tools and benefits of those tools.

  • Provide personalized and integrated interactions across offerings and tools creating a longitudinal view of a consumer.


Healthcare Payers and Providers Must Take Charge

Healthcare payers and providers must focus less on driving efficiency and creating functionality, and more on transforming the consumer experience. Healthcare Consumer Engagement Platforms can help create a unified consumer experience but it will test the digital maturity of healthcare payers and providers, as they require foundational updates to understand consumer behaviors, consumer data and the right reference architecture. All necessary for payers and providers to evolve into truly consumer-centric organizations. The rewards will be worth the investment to get to that level of digital maturity. Delivering what consumers want most – empowerment, personalization, integration, access, choice, transparency and affordability will ultimately increase consumer engagement in healthcare and improve health outcomes.

In Summary

Looking for a solution that puts your consumers first? Here at Medullan, we specialize in building digital solutions that can address your organization’s unique consumer engagement platform needs. As a firm driven to solve the toughest problems in healthcare, you can be confident you’ve found a trusted partner. If you’re interested in learning more about our tailored approach, contact us.

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