Transformation of Digital health trials in a post-COVID-19 world – European Session


Panel Discussion: Transformation of Digital health trials in a post-COVID-19 world


COVID-19 has accelerated the development and use of digital health technologies, devices, and solutions. More than ever, high-quality studies are needed to establish the validity of these digital health solutions. Researchers and digital health professionals look for guidance on designing and running impactful and efficient digital health trials that can work for different populations, geographies, and conditions. The quality of the studies that we produce will directly impact the adoption of solutions in medicine.

Medullan hosted an invite-only virtual workshop with leaders from the Life Sciences industry across the US and Europe. These participants had in-depth knowledge of designing and running trials to test and validate digital health solutions.


Here is a recording of Panel Discussion from that event: Group 2 – European Participants:






Ole Dammann – CEO • KFGN
Ahmed Albaiti – CEO & Founder • Medullan Inc.

Moderated by:

Stephanie Bach – UX Director • Medullan Inc.

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